Greta Sullivan

Concierge, Protector, and Greeter

Growing up on the streets of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, our shop-dog Greta led a rough life. She had multiple litters, had to fend for herself and relied on the kindness of others. At about the age of two, she was rescued and sent to Mila’s Mutts, a rescue in Battle Ground, WA. Soon after, a kind human named Kimmy came along, got her the medical attention she needed, and brought her to her forever home. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive a friendly greeting from Greta, that is if she’s not too busy napping on her Throne. In her spare time, Greta enjoys playing with her feline buddy Herbie, getting her zoomies on in the backyard, walking to the park, giving a melancholy look (meant to relay that she is actually starving to death, has never eaten in her life and may never eat again!), and most of all, receiving as many treats as she can get out of you!

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